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Wu Guan Tang

Add:349 Xinhua Rd

Tel:021-6281 3695



The interior design of this three-story restaurant is meticulous down to the last detail - even to the distinctively different motifs under the glass tabletops, ranging from ancient Chinese caligraphy to Beijing Opera masks. The diner's theme is based around the lotus, as depicted in the splendid murals as well as the delicate door handles. A quick glimpse of the menu reveals its strict adherence to vegetarian needs. None of the dishes contain MSG or mimic the taste of meat and neither fried food nor carbonated drinks are available. The menu is hand-written, in keeping with an eco-friendly approach and simplistic lifestyle that defines the restaurant. The rooftop garden has been recently supplemented with an outdoor dining facility. Flowers, herbs and vegetables from here may go all the way to the ingredients used in what you order to eat. Reservations are required and they only accept cash.