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Venexia Restaurant

Add:127 Panyu Rd, near Pingwu Rd

Tel:021-5258 7209

Time:11am-2:30pm, 6pm-11pm

Credit Cards Accepted
English Service Available


Located at the crossing of Pingwu and Panyu roads, Venexia Restaurant should not be missed for its unique and aristocratic dining surroundings. With Italian music gently playing in the background, sparkling masks hanging on the wall, and, most importantly, the mouth-watering scent of dishes floating in the air, this restaurant exudes the authentic taste of Italy. Food here is basically Italian with the variation of twists on Mediterranean style adopted by Armando Capochiani, the native Italian chef. Capochiani, a veteran whose cooking experience dates back through the generations all the way to the 1970s, aims to offer diners a real sense of Italy. Voted as a top chef by a Shanghai magazine, his cuisine draws diners from home and abroad. Opened in March 2007, what distinguishes Venexia from other Western restaurants is its original sources of ingredients. Even vegetables are directly imported from Italy together with all the dairy products and olive oil. Price range: appetizers (78-168 yuan); soup (58-98 yuan); desserts, (38-168 yuan).