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La Faeux Casual Hotel

Add:127 Panyu Road

Tel:021-5258 8585; 400 628 1999

Time:24 hours


Credit Cards Accepted
English Service Available


This property claims the lofty accolade of being the first designer hotel built in Shanghai with its design team endeavoring to "keep a smart balance between fashion and ultra-modern details and idiosyncratic ideas." Each hotel room is of a distinctive style - the decorations, theme colors, furniture and overall arrangements of all the 32 rooms are distinctively different. As a result, the hotel conveys a sense of simplicity, romance and mystery. Located at one end of Panyu Road, the three-year-old boutique hotel features a range of accommodation from single to standard rooms including a garden and a balcony. Targeting white-collar and middle-class customers who are happy to pay for quality accommodation, the operators have spared no effort in pandering to customers' privacy needs and guaranteeing a unique living experience. The rooms are priced in the range from 258 yuan to 1,579 yuan. The summer package currently costs 300 yuan.

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