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Shanghai Film Art Center & City Shop

Add:160 Xinhua Rd

Tel:021-6280 6088; 400 811 1797

Time:9am - 10pm, 8am - 10pm(City Shop)

Credit Cards Accepted
English Service Available


Built a decade ago, the center has the honor of being the first five-star cinema in Shanghai. It's also one of the biggest in China, occupying a total area of 140,000 square meters. It has been the main venue for the internationally renowned Shanghai International Film Festival every year and it guarantees an extraordinary movie-watching experience with first-class audio-visual facilities. The cinema complex consists of nine separate movie theaters as well as six stylish meeting rooms. Its 1,100-square-meter lobby is a magnificent area for thematic exhibitions and ceremonies. Located in the basement is a City Shop, one of the leading retailers of imported food in Shanghai. Founded in 1995, the shop is part of a chain which carries nearly 10,000 different products, with 80 percent imported from abroad, including organically produced vegetables and herbs and farm-fresh agricultural products. The store also bakes on a daily basis, specializing in European-style breads, cakes and tempting pastries.