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Iceason Italian Handmade Gelato

Add:1/F, 160 Xinhua Rd

Tel:021-6281 0413



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Iceason, which likes to be known for its "natural, fresh and healthy traits," is a popular refreshments outlet with nearby residents and people who come to watch movies in the Shanghai Film Art Center. Newly opened in May 2008, the business offers customers a great variety of products, including Italian handmade gelato ices, double yoghurt mixes, full-flavor milk shakes, fresh juice, gelato pizza, coffee and tea. Iceason's products are all low-fat, or fat-free, and therefore customers won't be bothered too much about putting on extra kilograms after eating ice cream to excess. As items served in the shop are mostly marked with their calorie content and what nutrition levels the menu offers, customers are easily able to identify which line is best for their taste and personal health. New flavors are listed every month, so there's a regular element of surprise in selection and taste waiting for customers. The business offers a delivery service but it is limited to those who live within 10 minutes' walking distance - so the products stay cold and refreshing - and the minimum order should be 50 yuan.