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Old house in 398 Jianguo Rd W.

Add:398, 394 Jianguo Rd W.

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No. 398 is a typical American colonial-style garden villa, one of the only two of its kind in Shanghai. This architecture style dominates the American landscape from late 19th century to early 20th century. It originates from the early English settlers who adapted the traditions of their homeland to the new environment in America, evolved new forms and achieved an architectural style that was essentially American. The three-story villa was built in 1936 and designed by architect Xi Fuquan who created an elegant but understated style. Painted white, the multi-pane windows evenly balanced on each side of a central front door and the exterior is covered by horizontal wood siding. Next to this building is an art deco masterpiece hidden behind closed gates. Built in 1935, the Dauphine Apartments was designed by the architects Leonard, Veysseyre & Kruze. It was one of the city's most prestigious apartment buildings, with its balconies covering at every level protruding from the contour. The exterior is neat and tidy and fully displays the modernist style. Unfortunately, with its closed gates, you can only cross the road and get a better view.