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A Lifestyle Gallery

Add:Atrium, Block 5, "Bridge 8", 8-10 Jianguo Road M.

Tel:021-6445 1902

Time:11am - 6:30pm


Filled with more than 20 international interior designers' novel masterpieces, A Lifestyle Gallery is popular among decorators and creativity lovers. The business in an open, high-roof building provides customers with anything that can be placed or used at home, from mere 5 yuan environmentally friendly note pads, to a calligraphy chair priced at 10,000 yuan. The gallery displays a perfect mixture of simplicity and complexity the moment you step inside. Look at wooden closets without any enhancements, representing "simple is elegant," or cast a glance at novel business card cases, dotted with bright colors and flower patterns. All designers try to harmonize their inventions to match with daily life, which makes creativity a kind of lifestyle.