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Jesse Restaurant

Add:41 Tianping Rd

Tel:021-6282 9260



Credit Cards Accepted


This two-story eatery has been serving authentic Shanghai local dishes for the past 18 years in a clean and comfortable setting. In 2000, Xinjishi Group started to open new branches to attract people but this very first Jesse still maintains its popularity not only with old customers but also tourists. 

It offers an exquisite tasting menu that will tease and satisfy your palate and the food is prepared using time-honored recipes. Among the many tasty dishes, there are some must-tries: Braised Pork in Brown Sauce with Cuttlefish (86 yuan), Roast Fish Head with Scallion (158 yuan), Fried Prawn and Chicken (96 yuan), Crab Meat, Tomato and Potato Soup (98 yuan), Braised Pork Knuckle in Brown Sauce (88 yuan) and Fried Preserved Beancurd (18 yuan). 

Every two months, two or three new dishes are debuted to revitalize the standard menu offerings. As you pass by the restaurant in the evening, you will notice people standing outside queuing to get in. So making a reservation is a must, especially during the weekends.