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Revel in Miao folk style

Add:222 Tianping Rd

Time:11am - 9pm


Stepping into this small store, you will be amazed by the colorful, traditional Chinese ethnic garments. Especially focused on the Miao folk style, they feature delicate craftsmanship: hand painting, batik fabric, and handmade embroidery. The dresses have been enhanced by professional designers to add modern touches to harmonize folk style and fashion trends. The owner of the store usually ventures to the southeast of Guizhou Province, the remaining heartland of the ancient Miao people, to source new materials. Splendid crafts are also offered in the store. A piece of silk embroidery tells the story of the king of Miao, recalling a forgotten era of ancient totems and mural paintings. Also silver earrings and other Miao style jewelry items are offered. This gem of a store provides a glimpse of a different and often overlooked, folkloric China.