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Ben jia(Wuzhong Rd Branch)

Add:1339 Wuzhong Rd

Tel:021-5118 2777

Time:11am-1pm, 5pm-8pm

Credit Cards Accepted
English Service Available


The place is almost always full of Koreans, a good sign of authenticity and quality. It doesn’t get too smoky even when packed and its portions are generous.

The free appetizers, including fresh vegetables, mashed potato, kimchi and salads, are great in terms of variety and quantity. They ensure a tasty start to the meal and enough greens before diners turn into carnivores.

The colorful jap chae (sautéed vegetables) glass noodles are highly recommended and probably the best in town. The noodles have an umami flavor and are mixed with spinach and wood ear mushrooms or black fungus.

The restaurant’s five-layered pork, a popular dish at Korean barbecues, is cut in thick slices and grilled to perfection.The thin-sliced beef tongue and thick marinated beef ribs are also popular at Ben Jia.