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The Lincoln Apartments

Add:1555 Huaihai Road, Xuhui District


Walk eastward from the intersection with Hunan Road, opposite the Shanghai Library, and you will find an elegant four-story apartment block constructed in 1931. The present color scheme is of light brown brick combined with white and gray plaster applique and ornamentation. As in most of the major apartment buildings in this area, the tenants were mostly foreign, with the Lincoln having more than the usual number of French tenants. During the period when the Japanese troops invaded China, a central figure in the Japanese puppet regime, Zhou Fohai, used one of the apartments in the building as a love nest for his mistress, the actress-singer Xiao Linghong. The story of Zhou and his mistress certainly adds some color to this block still standing on the Huaihai Road. These days, the first floor of the apartment block is a line of mini shops and cafes, although some of them are closed due to on-going construction work.