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Add:1250 Huaihai Road M.

Tel:021-5404 7770

Time:Tues-Sun, 10:30am-11:30pm

Credit Cards Accepted
English Service Available


This chocolate-inspired cafe is surely one of the more indulgent venues along Huaihai Road M. Upon entering, your eyes are diverted to the decadent chocolate treats on display. Although they don't make everything in chocolate, the concept is still attractive - a roadside cafe dedicated to most drinks and desserts chocolaty. The minimalist and simple decoration makes it a nice chill-out place for lunch or afternoon tea. Hot chocolate varieties such as chocolate shot, classic, cocoa-phobia, mocha, marshmallow, and iced chocolate or frozen chocolate are only the beginning. A passion for chocolate also leads to a dessert menu that includes eight different kinds of special chocolate cakes such as coco cabana, chocolate brulee, warm chocolate pudding and chocolate tart, all around 40 yuan (US$5.86). Apart from chocolate treats, this cafe has lots of other items to offer. It provides an Italian-inspired food menu including salads, antipastos, pastas, grilled paninis, pizzas and risottos at reasonable prices and with large portions that suit its international clientele.