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Cathay Theater

Add:870 Huaihai Rd M.

Tel:021-5404 2095

Time:9am - 10pm (last screening)


Credit Cards Accepted
English Service Available


At the corner of Maoming Road S. and Huaihai Road M., stands the historical Cathay Theater, opened in 1930 and began screening films in 1932. With its streamlined body and a ziggurat shaped signboard, it is a distinct Art Deco building. 

Initially it could accommodate 1,081 people. It has hosted celebrity customers including Eileen Chang, the renowned Shanghai author, who mentions the cinema in some of her writings.

Along with the Bank of Communications (at the Bund) and the Capitol Cinema, it is a masterpiece of architect C.H. Gonda. Boasting a total of 978 seats, it was the largest theater in Shanghai in its day and ticket prices used to range from 1 yuan (US$0.15) to 1.50 yuan when the average monthly salary was 50 yuan. In 2005, it underwent extensive renovation. The auditorium was divided into three screening rooms, heating and air conditioning added and ticket counters were built. And, in keeping up with the changing times, digital screen projectors were introduced in 2008. Today, it shows both English and Chinese films.