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Herborist Spa

Add:3/F, 625 Huaihai Rd M.


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Imagine the delightful sensation of being immersed in the essence of Chinese herbs while being given a body and facial treatment that stimulates and creates harmony. There is a place to spoil yourself and take your mind off the daily grind - Herborist Spa. Herborist is a Chinese skin-care brand that reflects the essence of Chinese culture and its pursuit of harmony and balance. Its philosophy is that natural beauty is bound to stem from the root. The spa, of course, observes time-honored Chinese health and beauty practices. For example, the spa tackles the root problems of the inner body with the "one-finger skill" massage, inspired from acupuncture techniques in Traditional Chinese Medicine. A line of Herboist skin-care products are also used for the facial treatments to give customers a radiant look.