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Shanghai No. 1 National Musical Instruments Factory Shop

Add:114 Nanjing Rd E.

Tel:021-6321 3869


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Traditional music is enjoying a renaissance in China and at this quaint music store you can feel the passion for oldtime melodies. The instrument factory itself was built in 1958 and the shop has been run out of its Nanjing Road E. location since 1972. Three main traditional instruments adorn the walls. They are guzheng, a plucked, half-tube zither with movable bridges and 21 strings; erhu, the Chinese violin; and pipa, the Chinese lute. The shop keeper says guzheng is the most popular instrument because it is easy to learn and sounds pleasant. She explains that more retired people are picking up an instrument and taking lessons to play. The guzheng ranges from 1,000 yuan to 20,000 yuan, erhu from 100 yuan to 40,000 yuan and pipa from 600 yuan to 20,000 yuan.