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Shanghai Taipan Spa

Add:370 Dagu Rd

Tel:021-6340 0366


Credit Cards Accepted
English Service Available


A visit to the Shanghai Taipan Spa is an unusual experience. With the Thai-style decor, the spa offers services ranging from 68 yuan to 388 yuan. These include treatments such as ear candling, Chinese-style pedicures, foot reflexology, full body massage, Thai oil massage and hard rock massage. Most customers seek the spa's signature foot reflexology and full-body massage package priced at 188 yuan/120 min. The rooms for foot massage and full-body massage are equipped with a flat screen TV with DVD player attached. It's a major hit amongst business folk in the city - watching your favorite movie while having free food, drink and dessert. One of the specialties of Taipan is the food and beverage menu from which you can order fresh juices, Chinese tea, desserts, Macao-style noodles, sandwiches and pork filet bun - all included in the treatment service. The spa business is extremely busy after 4pm everyday, so make a reservation for your pampering.