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Qingqing Horse Equestrian Club

Add:388 Chenhua Highway

Tel:021-5769 0003

Time:9am-5pm closed on Mondays



Credit Cards Accepted
English Service Available


Located right beside the bucolic Qingqing resort park, this equestrian club is the most accessible stable from downtown Shanghai, which also makes it one of the most attractive.

This riding club is the perfect fit for anyone who wants to get a little respite from the city and feel the thrills of riding a horse in nature. According to a staff member, Qingqing distinguishes itself from other clubs by its safety first policy.


“There is one coach per student in the arena,” says the staffer, who adds there are never more than 10 people per 45-minute lessons. With its three dozen horses and four arenas, including one covered, Qingqing is a great place for beginners.

The club has more than 1,000 members who are mainly juniors. It provides both professional and group lessons with coaches at all levels.


The small ranch includes a coffee shop and a charming little terrace where parents can sit in the sun while watching their kids ride. On top of that, the club allows for overnight stays, which are popular on weekends.

Price: Starting from 270 yuan for a 45-minute lesson; membership card is 3,688 yuan