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Add:68 Taicang Rd

Tel:021-5383 6886

Time:11:30am- 2:30pm; 6pm-11pm

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English Service Available


You will find a large selection of sashimi and sushi here at Tenya which specializes in toro (tuna fish). Tuna is often called "the diamond of Ocean" but it can be good or bad due to the way it's been caught and handled afterward. At Tenya, it's always the freshest catch due to their supply line straight from Tsukiji market in Tokyo. Tenya built its own special refrigerator for imported containers in Orient International Seafood Market where tuna can be maintained fresh at a temperature of 60 degrees Celsius below zero. Sashimi style is highly recommended, including O-toro (the fattiest part of tuna), priced at 98 yuan, Chu-toro (well-balanced consistency of both lean and fatty) at 98 yuan and Toro-shio (toro marinated with Japanese sea salt and fresh lemon juice) at 78 yuan. Toro sushi and hand roll cost from 38 yuan to 68 yuan. Japanese-style hotpot and shabu-shabu styles are also popular, such as King Taraba crab pot (138 yuan) and Maguro toro shabu-shabu (138 yuan). For dinner, sets priced at 280 yuan and 380 yuan are good options as both include sashimi, hotpot, noodle or rice porridge and dessert. Of course, one would expect sake to be the natural accompaniment to raw fish. Choose Azure (cold sake) (420 yuan/720milliliters) or Tosatsuru (hot sake) (110 yuan/300milliliters).