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Wonder Coffee

Add:290 Madang Rd

Tel:021-5306 5996

Time:12am - 10:30pm


It would be easy to dismiss this cafe as another coffee outlet within Xintiandi. But you can't help being charmed by the layout. The counter takes up most of the first floor area and there is only a small corner at which six customers can sit. You are forced to stoop low when climbing the staircase because the ceiling is only 1.2 meters high. Cushions strewn around low wooden tables with a seating capacity of 12 entice you to kick off the shoes and relax from the bustle of the city. Hand-written menus greet you, reminiscent of the days when letters were written and not typed. The owner is an interior design graduate who modeled the place as his dream home and regular patrons are coffee aficionados. Offering coffee blends from different regions of the world, its most popular brew is Sumatra Mandheling. Besides coffee, it also offers a tea set from 2pm to 5pm where you can have a choice of coffee, tea or cocoa and a dessert to go for 28-38 yuan depending on need. And should you fall in love with the tiramisu or cookies, you can be guided how to make them by the in-house chef. Lessons are available every Tuesday or Wednesday and to become involved you pay 30 yuan to learn how to bake cookies or 22 yuan for every inch (2.5 centimeters) of cake that you want to bake. Fees are inclusive of ingredients.