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Shanghai Museum of Traditional Stationery

Add:429 Fuzhou Rd

Tel:021-6328 1558

Time:9:30am-5pm (free admission)


To know the written form of Mandarin well, you have to understand how the instruments of this craft were created. The writing system of Mandarin has not changed greatly since it was created. By learning the current script, you will be able to decipher what was written centuries ago. This museum, which opened in December 2008, centers on Zhou Hu Cheng brushes and Chao Su Gong ink stones. These are two old Chinese brands established well before the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911). When Shanghai gained prominence as a trading port in the late 1800s, the two brands were established here. Today, the museum houses more than a thousand artifacts of traditional Chinese stationery and calligraphy works by renowned masters. Although the exhibits do not have English captions, audio guides in Japanese, Korean, English and Mandarin are available free of charge. Additionally, you can also watch a video of how calligraphy works are conceived.