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Tima Harbour

Add:11 Zhenning Rd

Tel:021-6225 8684

Time:9am - 1am

Credit Cards Accepted


Having established itself more than 10 years ago, residents of Jing'an District consider Tima Harbour as a neighborhood cafe. Known for its Italian Coffee, it has since moved away from just serving coffee to being a restaurant and bar. Nonetheless, its 16 types of deserts make one spoilt for choice. With a range of 15 yuan (US$2.20) for an apricot tart to 25 yuan for a slice of chocolate mousse cake, you can consider their tea time sets to while away a lazy afternoon. A single tea set (45 yuan) allows you to choose from a cup of Italian coffee, a slice of cake and a serving of ice cream or Danish. Bring a friend, and both of you will get to enjoy the two sets for 65 yuan. And, should you want to share that great slice of cake with friends, you can order their eight-inch (20.3 centimeters) version two days in advance which costs between 228 yuan and 288 yuan.