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Beauty Farm

Add:Room D/E, 3/F, Joy Tower, 9 Zhenning Rd

Tel:021-5237 0027


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In this windy, changeable weather, you could probably enjoy a little pampering: a facial or a body treatment. On Zhenning Road, Beauty Farm is the best-equipped beauty salon, conceived as a journey away from the tension, stress and fatigue of city living for neighboring residents. Here, you can soak in a milk bath, get a facial or indulge with an all-inclusive package in a cozy, clean environment with warm, friendly service from the moment you step through its door. All facial treatments use German brand Deynique based on Aloe Vera natural ingredients, starting from 260 yuan to 1,680 yuan. Besides the basic facial and body massage, one of the popular and effective treatments here is Suction Pump Massage which is a high-tech suction pump method of massage that breaks down fats and slims down body parts. It also increases activity in the lymph system and gets rid of remnants of waste stored in the cells. The 45-minute session costs around 300 yuan.