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Xia\'s treats

Add:9 Zhenning Rd.

Tel:021-6212 6797


Credit Cards Accepted


Situated at the intersection of Huashan Road and Zhenning Road, it's easy not to give this restaurant a second glance. With an obscure signboard and a front shared with a flower shop, it would not occur to you that behind the tinted glass doors is an enclave of traditional Shanghainese food. However, this award-winning restaurant has been serving traditional dishes such as crispy smoked fish (15 yuan), braised sea cucumber with shrimp roe (25 yuan) and deep fried glutinous rice cake (16 yuan) for more than six years. Other popular dishes include a sweet soup of braised turtle in rock candy (158 yuan) and Do Ra Mi - crab and shrimp with spinach noodles (198 yuan). Chinese wines and spirits are also available. And, if you want a little privacy, you can request a private room if you order more than 200 yuan per person, excluding drinks. Diners should expect to spend an average of 150 yuan for a meal without drinks.