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Fuchun eatery

Add:650 Yuyuan Rd.

Tel:021-6252 5117



It's not generally known how old this eatery is as residents say it has been around for as long as they remember, so it transcends the generations. Serving up traditional Shanghainese snacks, the best-sellers include xiao long bao (5 yuan/US$0.73/6 pieces) and shuang dan (5 yuan/bowl). Xiao long bao are steamed pork dumplings which sometimes come stuffed with prawns while shuang dan is pork wrapped in beancurd skin or stuffed into fried soyabean balls cooked in clear soup. Both are commonly enjoyed together for a satisfying meal. But, if you're rather have something lighter, try their pumpkin cake (2 yuan) or egg tart (2 yuan).