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Fu 1039

Add:1039 Yuyuan Rd.

Tel:021-5237 1878

Time:11am-12pm; 5:30pm - midnight


To find Fu 1039, you first need to turn into a nondescript lane on 1039 Yuyuan Road, then go left into a surprisingly beautiful early 20th century garden house. It's like returning to 1930s' Shanghai, with old wooden floorboards, Art Deco furniture, gorgeous chandeliers and table settings. Opened four years ago, Fu 1039 has attracted discerning food lovers with its authentic Shanghainese cuisine and nostalgic ambience. The three-floor restaurant has four main dining rooms and 10 private rooms, each with its own decoration and character. First time guests are recommended to taste the signature dishes: Old fashioned Shanghai smoked fish (42 yuan), marinated drunken chicken topped with Shaoxing wine shaved ice (40 yuan), stewed pork in sweet soy sauce (66 yuan), baked cod fillet with pastry crust (68 yuan) and sauteed fresh river shrimp (128 yuan). Minimum charge per person is 150 yuan in the dining hall and 200 yuan in private rooms.