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Grand Hotel

Add:120 Xizang Road M.

Tel:021-6322 6155


Unlike many Chinese city squares, People's Square is not a mass of concrete but a green park surrounded by majestic buildings. To the north lies the Municipal Government Mansion, an impressive planar building. And the Shanghai Grand Theater and Urban Planning Exhibition Hall are situated to the west and east of it. But the most impressive of all is the Shanghai Museum. Sitting on the front row steps of the museum, you could almost visualize the old race track and sporting arena that was the landmark of People's Square. If you want a bird's eye view of the square, take the lift to the top level of this building, the former Grand Hotel at the intersection of Guangdong Road and Xizang Road M. You will be able to see the juxtaposed images of the tall menacing buildings looking down at their shorter but majestic cousins.