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Xingfu 131

Add:300-11 Guyang Rd

Tel:021-5466 5551



Xingfu 131 is one of a few restaurants in Shanghai that you would keep returning to if mouth-numbing spicy cuisine is your cup of tea. The restaurant's Chongqing-style food has a strong, spicy flavor derived from different cooking methods. The delectable roast fish ordered by many regulars is simmered in peppers, herbs, oils and filled with vegetables, with the price ranging from 65 yuan to 135 yuan, depending on what type of fish you prefer. Other must-trys include Sichuan Fried Potato and Pork Ribs (38 yuan), Spicy Frog (68 yuan) and Pepper Shrimp (88 yuan). Xingfu 131 is a great choice for a budget spicy meal in a fairly nice environment. The average cost for one person is 60 yuan. For dinner, get there early to beat the masses as it is always crowded, a testament to its quality and value.