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Huang Cheng Gen Traditional Beijing Hot Pot

Add:1, 279 Wanping Rd.

Tel:021-6415 1329



The northern cities of China consider the hot pot style of eating a panacea for overcoming harsh winter chills. What sets Huang Cheng Gen Traditional Beijing Hot Pot apart from the many other restaurants of its style is its house preference for using bronze pots heated by coal. The heat from the glowing embers charges up the bronze pot quickly and keeps the soup simmering for a long time. In ancient China, only the royals and upper-class families could use bronze ware. The commoners had to settle for clay. The restaurant's signature dish is the Mongolian lamb. For lamb lovers, the meat from the Mongol lands is prized for its rich, succulent taste. The traditional Beijing dressing, which is a mixture of scallions, fermented tofu and pickled garlic, compliments boiled lamb well. Another popular dish here is nutritious stewed sheep spine bones (38 yuan) which is believed to be rich in calcium and keeps the body warm. Dipping sauces start from 5 yuan per serving and diners should expect to spend around 70 yuan.

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