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Neon Kids Plaza

Add:10 Pu'an Rd

Tel:021-5383 6218


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It can be overwhelming to find all the things kids need, and the many more things they want. New clothes, gear, gadgets and toys are always in demand, especially before school starts. Going from store to store is exhausting, but there's a one-stop shop at the corner of Pu'an and Jinling roads - Neon Kids Plaza is a large underground market selling all kinds of kids' products at cheaper prices. There are hundreds of individual shops selling clothing, shoes, toys, accessories, stationery and books. Some are export knock-offs with minor imperfections but the low prices make it worthwhile. T-shirts are priced from 10 yuan (US$1.47) and school bags start at around 30 yuan. They may not be big brands, but many are cute and trendy. Toys are everywhere and there are established brands such as Lego, Toys "R" Us, Barbie, Disney Toy Story, Hello Kitty, My Little Pony and Littlest Pet Shop. Bargaining is appropriate but prices are pretty much what's quoted. Kids love visiting as it's like being in an Alice's Wonderland.