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Jingdezhen Porcelain Artware

Add:212 Shaanxi Rd N.

Tel:021-6253 8865


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Jingdezhen Porcelain Artware shop has been selling high-quality porcelain pieces for 52 years on Shaanxi Road N. The shop features Jingdezhen porcelain pieces with classic blue and white designs. Every piece is handmade in the Jingdezhen, one of the cradles of Chinese porcelain and ceramics.
Jingdezhen has been known as the porcelain capital and ceramics cultural center of the world since the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms (AD 907-979). Works, which have been exported around the world, are so exquisite that they have by described as being "as white as jade, as bright as a mirror, as thin as paper, with a sound as clear as a bell."
In the shop porcelain vessels in many forms are decorated with both very traditional patterns and modern designs using Chinese elements, such as dragons, clouds, plum blossoms, orchids, bamboo, birds, landscapes and other features. Porcelain statues of the Expo mascot Haibao are available at prices starting from 158 yuan.