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Metropole Hotel and Fuzhou Building

Add:180 Jiangxi Road M. (Shanghai Metropole Hotel); 137 Fuzhou Road (Fuzhou Building)

Tel:021-6321 3030



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Strolling along Fuzhou Road, one is guaranteed to encounter prime examples of Shanghai's rich Art Deco heritage. Two identical imposing Art Deco high-rises stand the intersection of Jiangxi and Fuzhou roads. They were both commissioned by the real estate mogul and hotelier Sir Victor Sassoon and designed by Palmer & Turner. Shanghai Metropole Hotel opened in 1930 as one of the most distinctive buildings of the day due to its pleasing architectural features and spectacular position in the heart of Shanghai. Four years later, Hamilton House, today's Fuzhou Building, was finished as a hybrid office building and apartment house. Today, it is a residential building; the ground floor was converted to a French brasserie and bar Hamilton House. The restaurant brought Art Deco back into the restored interior, with typical deco touches, marble mosaic floor and old-style chairs. They are among many Art Deco masterpieces of the 1930s.