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Add:Floors 5-6, 221 Jinxian Road near Maoming Road and Shan’xi Road S.

Tel:021-5212 5971


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RACKS MDB is located in the heart of Shanghai’s bustling lifestyle and shopping district, situated on the 5-6th floor of 221 Jinxian Lu, between Maoming Lu and Shan’xi Nanlu.

Racks MDB was originally created to bring a taste of that raw vibrancy in Hong Kong. After its success and continued popularity in Hong Kong, the owners of Racks have decided to expand this culture to Shanghai.

The enigmatic letters, M.D.B. embody the culture and ethos of this unique lounge. Music, Drinks, Billiards are key themes to this house of stylish entertainment with the new edition of casual dining. The lounge is designed for people to relax and have fun in a comfortable environment for lunch and progress into a chill out into the later hours. Racks Shanghai features 5 pool tables with comfortable seating, two fully stocked bar and extensive cuisine. The atmosphere of the lounge is unique for Shanghai as it is designed to have an inherently upper Manhattan lounge feel with a hint of laid back West Coast rock-n-roll gangster styling.

The prominent design elements and features will amaze and astound patrons expecting to find a dive pool hall. The venue is unquestionably one of the world’s best looking pool hall. All pool tables are custom made to give a posh, sleek finish to the decor. Racks Shanghai attracts people from all cultures and backgrounds while creating a unique, fun and unpretentious atmosphere for all.