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Demeter Fragrance Library

Add:No. 16, Lane 274, Taikang Rd

Tel:021-6172 5979

Time:10am - 10pm


Discovering a scent that moves you can be a personal adventure. In Demeter Fragrance Library, you will probably come to realize that there is not only one scent that appeals to you: they have 150 fragrances inspired by real-life everyday objects and experiences. If you aren’t the type that likes the extensive trial process of smelling 150 different cologne sprays, you can choose your scents quicker based on the six categories — nature, plants, life, alcohol, delicious, fruit and vegetable. The unique, sparkling scents such as “sugar cane,” “snow,” “thunderstorm,” “mojito,” “brownie” and “sushi,” can make you smile every time you smell them and remind you exactly what aromas you like. Most cologne sprays cost 285 yuan/30ml but the ones under the “alcohol” category cost 305 yuan/30ml.