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Hinata Ya

Add:3212 Hongmei Rd

Tel:021-3409 8500

Time:10am-8pm, closed on Wednesdays


This Japanese bakery on Chengjiaqiao Road is paradise for bread lovers in a rustic, European-style cottage atmosphere. The cozy spot opened around one month ago and is a magnet for residents and visitors who smell fresh bread right out of the stove. All breads are baked in the morning, some using the owner’s recipes from her hometown in Japan. In addition to bakery basics, it offers Japanese-flavored breads, such as mentaiko bread (9 yuan/US$1.3), pork sandwich with mashed potatoes (12 yuan), fried ham sandwich (12 yuan), sweet bean whipped cream bread (9 yuan) and cinnamon rolls (9 yuan). The teddy-bear shaped chocolate bread (8 yuan) are always kids’ favorite.