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Café Sambal

Add:Jiashan Market, No. 37, Lane 550, Shaanxi Rd S.

Tel:021-3368 9529


Cusine: Malaysian, Southeast Asian, some Singaporean, Thai and Chinese

Ambience: The large, chic restaurant is located in a corner of the hip Jiashan Market. Originally launched in Beijing, this Shanghai edition has been open since 2010 and is extremely spacious. The main floor has ample seating and semi-private rooms for large groups. Upstairs is a lounge bar with wooden floors and contemporary decor. It has an outdoor terrace that's perfect for an elegant evening.

Who to invite: Friend, family, a date, a large group

Pros: Ample seating and a warm atmosphere. The extensive menu showcases the wide range of Malaysian cuisine and a variety of desserts. Service is quick and friendly. There are lunch and weekend brunch sets that come with a couple of appetizers, a main meal and dessert. On Wednesday nights, it holds a gangster film night.

Cons: Portions can be a bit small. Some staples have been given a twist, which may surprise those looking for strictly Malaysian cuisine.

Recommended: Bah kuh teh, a home remedyin Malaysia for decades, is a health tonic soup consisting of boiled pork, herbs and garlic. This soup is especially tasty and will leave you feeling healthier with each slurp. The beef rendang (78 yuan) is filled with spices common to Malaysia and Indonesia; portions are large.

Don't order: The nasi lemak in the weekend brunch set is nicely presented but a little small and not as spicy as in Malaysia.

Drinks: Fruit smoothies, coffee, tea including teh tarik, beer, cocktails, soft drinks

Cost: 200 yuan for two (including drinks)