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Utsuwa Meshi

Add:Rm103, Bldg B, No. 37, Lane 555, Shaanxi Rd S.

Tel:021-5465 2908



Since its opening four years ago, Utsuwa Meshi has gained a devoted following for its authentic Japanese cuisine with the feel of an old Kyoto house. It was recently moved from the Tianzifang area to Jiashan market, with a much bigger space featuring hip decor and a refreshingly charming vibe — lofty ceilings, open spaces and eclectic design. Owner Tang Zhaohui said Utsuwa Meshi serves innovative new-style Japanese cuisine paired with secret ingredients. The menu is extensive with signature dishes such as sesame bean curd (50 yuan), smoked duck with organic salad black sesame taste (50 yuan), yakitori combination plate (60 yuan). The restaurant is also famous for its faultlessly fresh sashimi and rolls and other warm dishes, notably Japanese hot pot. For antique or Japanese ceramics lovers, follow Tang to the “secret” underground room where a wide collection of Chinese antique accessories, Shigaraki ware and Bizen ware are displayed.