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Noodle Bull

Add:Unit 1-234, Bldg 1, Shanghai 1933, No.10 shajing Rd.

Tel:1520 1800 830



The sleek, modern Taiwanese noodle house Noodle Bull has steadily built its reputation locally for its well-presented food at reasonable prices. The 80-seat 1933 outlet covers 200 square meters. Separate tables for four take up most of the chic industrial space, and a long, continuous low bench in the center is designed for larger groups. The menu is simple and classic and the noodles are authentic in texture and consistency. Among the noodles are the specialty bull noodle (30 yuan) and roasted beef noodle (30 yuan), both of which are recommended to be matched with one or two tapas which include thin-sliced pork (18 yuan), scalded green vegetables (5 yuan), braised sliced seaweed (5 yuan) and marinated tofu (5 yuan). Also recommended is the home-made plum juice (10 yuan per glass or 30 yuan a bottle). The noodle house also offers cocktail drinks which are rarely seen in local eateries. With efficient, friendly service and an informal, chic atmosphere, Noodle Bull is one of the top picks when looking for a casual lunch or dinner with the average cost around 40 yuan per person.