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Mercedes-Benz Arena

Add:1200 Shibo Avenue, Pudong New Area, Shanghai, China


Once called Expo performance Center or Expo Culture Center,  It has two floors underground and four above ground. The seating configuration of the main auditorium, which has a center stage, can be changed to accommodate 4,000, 8,000, 12,000 or 18,000 seats depending on the requirements of the performance and the audience size.

Following consecutive nominations as one of five finalists for the “International Venue of the Year” award by POLLSTAR and Stadium Business Awards, Mercedes-Benz Arena was once again recognized as an industry heavyweight in a domestic competition. During the 2014 Dao Strategy Performing Arts Industry Summit, Mercedes-Benz Arena stood out in through the crowd of large performance venues nationwide to be crowned “China’s Most Dynamic Large Scale Performance Venue of 2013.

Dao Strategy Research Center is the only research institution focusing on the performing arts industry in China. They are the sole owner of a comprehensive database on domestic performances, and have successfully run the Dao Strategy Performing Arts Industry Summit for four years. Using objective data analysis and the perspectives of a wide range of respected industry professionals, the summit is widely recognized for measuring the industry standard. This year nearly 500 professionals from close to 100 performing arts organizations attended the summit to discuss the current state and future of the industry.

After four years of hard work since its opening, Mercedes-Benz Arena has now become the country’s most vibrant entertainment landmark and brought the hottest cultural performances and sporting events together at one location. Going forwards Mercedes-Benz Arena will continue to cooperate with leading commercial partners to provide a dynamic and wonderful venue experience for guests.

Market data provided by Dao Strategy shows the Shanghai concert market has increased annually in terms of box-office revenues, audience size, and performance quantity to surpass Beijing and become the nation’s largest concert market. In 2013 Mercedes-Benz Arena contributed 148 performances, exciting a total audience of 641,000. International shows account for a large portion of these events attracting scores of Chinese concert-goers to the venue. In the past six months Mercedes-Benz Arena has played host to some of the largest names in music – The Rolling Stones, Metallica, Justin Bieber, and Bruno Mars. The Taylor Swift show sold out within minutes of going on sale becoming the hottest international act to hit Mercedes-Benz Arena in recent memory. National Data shows strong momentum for North American and European concerts in China exhibiting a 10% increase in box office revenues to now reach USD 65 million and accounting for 19% of entire box office revenues.