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1933 Old Millfun

Add:611 Liyang Rd

Tel:021-6888 1933

Time:8am - 11pm



Set in historic Hongkou District, 1933 was built amidst the vibrant urban landscape of turn-of-the century Shanghai. 1933 Old Millfun is in the central city yet is surrounded by roads and water. Coinciding with the early development of emerging creative industries, government and society have given a great deal of support and guidance to the project.

1933 Old Millfun embodies three core elements: design creativity, lifestyle and the pursuit of knowledge. Adding to the creative artistic atmosphere are high-end restaurants, creative retailing stores, offices of designers, a guild of artists and educational institutions.

The buildings are arranged into a square with an inner circle. Four buildings in each direction constitute the square factory area and are linked to the central 24-side main building through stairways. Buildings at different heights and spiral galleries are designed with the complexity of a maze but in clearly demarcated orders. The flat slab for the processing workshop was very advanced at that time. A sculptural concrete ramp, gallery bridge, round columns decorated with Art Deco patterns and the dramatic theater stairs form a background for creative gatherings. The round-shaped theater and a large balcony with a retractable roof are located in the center of the building.

Restored to its former Art Deco glory at a cost of 100 million RMB, 1933 has already managed to attract the likes of leading multinational brands such as Apple, Omnicom, American Apparel, and the Ferrari Owners Club to base their operations there.

When fully occupied, 1933 will house design studios, luxury boutiques, restaurants, bars and clubs, artists’ guilds, galleries, educational institutions, and stage high-profile events such as art exhibitions, theater performances, perhaps even a biennale. And that can only bode well for this historic industrial town, as it seeks to transform itself into a cultural and intellectual epicenter.

1933 Old Millfun, with these historical buildings blended with modern fashionable elements, has become a new landmark of Shanghai. It is generally positioned as a place that absorbs the upscale and fashionable quality of Bund 18, the vitality of Xintiandi, and the artistic atmosphere of Tianzifang, combines creative experience and creative production, and assimilates interaction and inspiration.

The visual and inspirational experience in 1933 is like no other in Shanghai’s heritage architecture. Hongkou District government’s plan includes the 1,600 square meter plaza at 1933, a park, cobblestone walkways, restored charming canals, beautiful landscaping and preserved traditional neighborhoods.

1933 will be China's most exciting and engaging new development; a destination where people can find everything they need to fulfill themselves, all in the one interesting, vibrant location.

If you are looking to take a trip there, it’s located at Shajing Road, near Wusong Road, very close to the Bund actually. Admission is free.

However, people who are bringing in anything bigger than a compact digital camera will need to register at the main lobby, signifying that any images taken are not for commercial purposes.