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Old Movie Cafe

Add:123 Duolun Rd

Tel:021-5696 4763



This is the place for people nostalgic for old movies. The cafe owner, a movie buff, is said to have copies of more than 1,000 old films. In addition to continuous screenings all day long, there are old film photos, posters and vintage furniture.

It is quite hard to find a building in Hongkou District with the 1920s and 1930s Western-style decoration such as grey brick walls, green rattan, fireplaces, pretty table spreads, floor-to-ceiling windows and claret velour curtains. But Old Film Cafe offers the lot.

The interior walls are adorned with pictures of vintage movie stars from the golden age of Shanghai cinema while a large TV near the bar shows classic black and white movies all day long.

On the second floor is a rare German 8mm cine projector and on the third floor there is a large round table made from an ancient wooden cart wheel.

With a total area of 300 square meters, Old Film Cafe plays classic soundtracks in the background, and sitting by the window offers the perfect chance for people to easily appreciate Duolun Road.