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Lan Xuan

Add:Rm. 103, Bldg 15, 505 Zhongshan Rd S.

Tel:136 7190 7970

Time:11am - 7pm


A smiling, kind, middle-aged woman, highly skilled in “blue batik,” opened Lan Xuan a year ago at the Cool Docks. Blue batik has long been a popular hand-woven and hand-printed fabric among Chinese people and the shop owner Cai Lanfang is dedicated to promoting the traditional Chinese craftsmanship to both locals and expats. The shop features a range of Cai’s hand-made creations including garments, accessories, arts and crafts, wall hangings and tourist souvenirs in pure cotton and natural dyes. Forget the cheap, cheesy qipao in Yu Garden; the tailor-made blue batik fabric qipao (600 to 700 yuan) is a good choice here. It blends quality natural fabric, Cai’ s tailoring skills and modern design.