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Stiller’ s

Add:6/F, Bldg 13, Lane 505, Zhongshan Rd S.

Tel:021-6152 6501

Time:Mon-Sun,6pm-10:30pm;Sunday brunch,12am-2:30pm



Fax:021-6152 6505

Credit Cards Accepted
English Service Available


“A good party starts in the kitchen and ends in the kitchen” is a favorite saying of Stiller’ s Restaurant and Cooking School executive chef and owner Stefan Stiller. This 70-seat restaurant, lounge bar and cooking school is run by husband and wife team Stefan and Yoshi and serves modern European fine-dining fare in a relaxed environment. The signature dish is one of the starters — Cake of Foie Gras — a duck foie gras terrine with truffle and spiced pineapple chutney (175 yuan). It has been on the menu since day one and is a hit with Western and Asian diners alike. Stiller’ s original concept makes for a classic fine-dining experience, but without the stuffy atmosphere of old. It’s a haven for business diners with its spectacular views of the Pudong skyline from the main dining room, balcony or roof terrace and we are told guests entertain themselves politely jostling for window tables at the weekend.