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Strip and Browhaus

Add:84 Wulumuqi Rd M.

Tel:021-6415 1613


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Strip and Browhaus is a two-in-one destination for the image-conscious urbanite, a one-stop brow and lash grooming salon as well as a concept wax shop, where you can receive a brow-shaping service or a Brazilian wax strict to hygiene standards in a stunning edgy interior. The first floor Browhaus, the Brow Salon, is here for facial grooming needs with signature treatments Brow Resurrection (1,860 yuan/full brows) and Lash in Bloom Extension (290 yuan). The latest advancement in brow technology “Brow Resurrection” is a semi-permanent eyebrow enhancement solution that recreates natural lifelike brows while Lash in Bloom uses the finest imported lashes and a new technique together to give one fuller, longer, more durable lashes that can stay in full bloom for four to six weeks. Each new client will undergo a consultation with the therapist who will take into consideration one’s facial structure and specific needs in order to create the perfect brow shape. Walk up to the second floor where hard wax art pieces decorate the walls. Waxing technicians here are well-trained by the chain’s Singaporean owner, who set the standard for the industry with three pivotal factors: hygiene, speed and quality. Therapists are not allowed to double-dip which means wooden spatulas used in waxing are disposed after every application. Each customer is given a hygiene pack — a sealed bag housing expendable waxing equipment. An underarm wax costs 90 yuan using hard wax and a Brazilian strip starts ranges from 70 to 260 yuan. The Singapore-based chain has now expanded to four locations in Shanghai.