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Zest Express

Add:80 Wulumuqi Rd M.

Tel:021-6426 9399

Time:7am - 10pm


Zest Express is a quick-serve restaurant, with a passion for providing a nutritious, healthy and balanced lifestyle for health-conscious customers in the heart of the city. It brings certified natural food straight from the farm to the bowl. With the salads and vegetables supplied by HYAP, Shanghai’s premier-certified GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) vegetable supplier, it offers freshly made salads, soups, sandwiches, juices and more to eat-in or take-away for today’s busy city life. The lunch combo costs 58 yuan including one salad and one soup and you can add 10 yuan for extra coffee. The breakfast combo is priced at only 18 yuan for granola with honey and yoghurt and extra coffee or juice costs 10 yuan. The tiny restaurant is in walking distance of many office buildings and can deliver to them, or to other destinations within the vicinity including the Center, Kingsville, the Summit, and Chevalier. Zest Express guarantees that all ingredients are fresh, natural and certified to international standards.