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Shanghai Utsukushigaoka Montessori Kindergarten

Add:Bldg 22, 788 Hongxu Rd

Tel:021-6405 6318




English Service Available


Shanghai Utsukushigaoka Montessori Kindergarten is the sister kindergarten of Utsukushigaoka Montessori School in Yokohama, Japan.
The kindergarten in Shanghai opened in May 1996 with our philosophy "Our passion towards the preschool education" and "Observation based on scientific understanding".
We have 11 Japanese classes and two International classes (English and Chinese English). 90% of the students are Japanese, and the others are from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Korea, America etc...
Our education principle is based on the Montessori Method of teaching. We group together children of different ages. Each class has three teachers (Japanese/Chinese or American/Chinese) and they take care of children individually.

Enrollment Range: Age 2-age 5 foreign passport holders only
Charge Standard: 5700RMB/month

All information is approved by Shanghai Municipal Education Commission.