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Toshin International Kindergarten

Add:3081 Hongmei Rd

Tel:021-6270 9258


English Service Available


Toshin International Kindergarten strives to bring up children to be active all over the world, which is first built in Japan and followed by different branches overseas. The curriculum used in Toshin is achieved through a careful study and research, which is known as a Japanese & global educational
systems. The activities carried out by team teaching in Toshin are based on annual theme of Reading, Sports, Science, Art, these also include the monthly theme like Fish, space, Food etc.
In addition, we also place strong emphasis on experiential learning through visiting museums, the zoo, the botanical garden, aquarium, insect museum, toy factory, Yakult factory and harvesting vegetables, picking fruit and so on. These experiences will help to motivate their knowledge about
the creation, also help them to develop their understanding about natures. Besides, we hold children's performance called 'musical fantasy' to help children show their skills and abilities to dance, to sing, and to act in the theatre of Shanghai every February.

Main Curriculum: [Intellectual Development] [Rhythm and Movement] [Learning by Doing] [Montessori] [Doman-Style Education] [Foreign Languages] [Physical Education]

Enrollment Range: Age3-age5 (Japanese kids only)
Charge Standard: 70000Yen/month

All information is approved by Shanghai Municipal Education Commission.