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Shanghai Hishou Japanese Continuation Study Center

Add:Rm 504,505, 96 Ronghua Rd E.

Tel:021-6270 7162

Email:hishoc 21@public6.sta.net.cn


We Shanghai Hishou Japanese Continuation Study Center have been engaging in teaching Japanese children living in Shanghai. Our major is to teach Japanese supplementary lessons supporting students preparing for entrance and transfer examination some kinds of certificate examination. We accept students studying not only in shanghai Japanese school but also many international schools in shanghai. That is why our system of teaching is not "group lesson" but "individual seeing eye to eye" which is practiced according to the levels of each student the needs of them and their parents. In our center newcomers can start their lessons whenever they want to do so. They can come and study here whenever they want. Our unique system like this which gives priority to the situations of students is regarded very highly by Japanese students and their parents in Shanghai. We hope that we can continue to give high quality teaching service satisfying the needs for "individual seeing eye to eye" to students who go to international and Japanese schools in Shanghai.

Enrollment Range: Age6-Age15/Grade1-Grade9(Japanese kids only)
Charge Standard: 1180RMB/month or depends on the personal requirement

All information is approved by Shanghai Municipal Education Commission.