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Shanghai Foreign Language School Affiliated To SISU International Division

Add:295 Zhongshan Rd N1

Tel:021-6516 0978



English Service Available


Cross-cultural and multi-adaptive course.
Classes synchronized to local department courses are specially set up for the junior students with fluent Chinese proficiency. The courses deliver high quality resources to the students. The students also have easy access to the customized courses provided by the international division; for senior students, classes are separately established as CUC(Chinese University Class), UC(American University Class), and JUC(Japanese University Class) according to their tendency to further study.
Abundant opportunities to experience multilingual culture. In addition to the compulsory courses, Chinese and English, the International Division also offers optional language courses such as French,German, Japanese edc, and traditional Chinese cultural courses such as Erhu, Calligraphy etc. The students have diversified practicing opportunities,such as English and Chinese speech contest, the International Cultural Week(Chinese/English), the International Voice(English), and Home Stay; furthermore, students can experience multilingual culture in an immersed way of short-term learning in English-speaking countries or participating in the interscholastic exchange of visit.
Professional teaching and educating. The teaching of each subject in the International Division is implemented by a group of experienced teachers with senior professional titles, young bilingual, multilingual teachers, and professional foreign teachers. Besides, in the International Division, Chinese and foreign teachers take charge of classes together and a system called "Life Tutor" is adopted in order to help students grow up healthily through communication between teachers and students, home and school.

Enrollment Range: Grade 6-Grade11
Charge Standard: 38000RMB/Semester
Admission Tel:
021-6542 3105*257
021-6516 0844 (for English and Chinese)
021-6516 0717 (for Japanese)

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