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Soong Ching Ling Kindergarten International Division

Add:3908 Hongmei Rd

Tel:021-6242 9851

Email:Shsclk02@gmail.com, chenwen1020@hotmail


Fax:021-6242 2881


Campuses: Hongqiao Campus & Zhaoxiang Campus

Hongqiao Campus
Add: No. 3908 Hongmei Road, Zhangning District, Shanghai
Tel: 021-6242 9851, 021-6242 9825, 021-6242 9871
Fax: 021-6242 2881

Zhaoxiang Campus
Add: No.1 Yehui Road
Tel: 021-6975 6166, 021-6975 6668, 021-6975 6675
Fax: 021-6975 6066

English-Chinese bilingual Instruction, 70% English and 30% Chinese

Choice of curriculums:

Early Childhood Education (ECE)

Montessori (Hong Qiao Campus only)

One expatriate qualified teacher from English speaking countries and one or two qualified Chinese teachers.

Full-day programs for children 3-6 year olds, half-day or full-day programs for nursery.

Exceptional outdoor grounds with grasscovered playgrounds.
Excellent facilities with indoor swimming pool, gym, fun dazzle, music room, computer room, dance room, piano rooms, etc.

Partnership between home & school is highly valued.

Enrollment Range: Age 2-6
Charge Standard:
63,000RMB/year (half day)
120,000RMB/year (full day)

All information is approved by Shanghai Municipal Education Commission.