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Miss Paris & Dandy House

Add:3/F, Bldg 15, 523 Fuxing Rd M.

Tel:021-6426 9750

Time:Mon-Sun, 11am-9:30pm; Sat-Sun, 11am-9:30pm

Credit Cards Accepted


The Japanese slimming and beauty salon Miss Paris and Dandy House recently opened its first outlet in China, situated on the top floor of a villa in Sinan Mansions. It prides itself as being a specialist in the slimming field, using techniques approved by Japanese medical organizations and universities as being safe and effective. Customers with money burning a hole in their pocket are promised to get remarkable results from slimming treatments for both face and body based on the company’s experience. The environment has a soothing, healing feel and is divided into Miss Paris exclusively for women and Dandy House for male customers. The most popular body slimming treatment Triple Burn costs 1,380 yuan/2 hrs, and this treatment is typically needed 24 times (29,800 yuan) to obtain optimum results. A Facial Makeover for slimming and firming is priced at 1,150 yuan/2 hrs. A total of 24 facial treatments plus skin care costs around 30,000 yuan. For such a high price, one can expect to get great service as well.